Klinik für Unfallchirurgie, Orthopädie und Plastische Chirurgie

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Klinik für Unfallchirurgie, Orthopädie und
Plastische Chirurgie

Management/ Coordination


  • Prof. Dr. med. Arndt Schilling
    Arndt F. Schilling
    studied medicine and molecular biology at Göttingen and Hamburg. He received his license to practice medicine in 2000 and his doctoral degree from Hamburg University Medical Center, Germany, in 2003. He held professorships at the Technical University Hamburg-Harburg and Technical University Munich from 2008 to 2016 and since then leads the R&D department at the clinic of Trauma Surgery, Orthopaedics and Plastic Surgery, University Medical Center Göttingen, where he recently established the Applied Rehabilitation Techology lab. He served as reviewer and editorial board member for a variety of scientific journals was the Secretary general of the European Associacion of Plastic Surgeons (EURAPS) Research Council from 2012-2014 and is currently the president of the German Academy for osteological and rheumatological Research (DAdorW). His scientific interests revolve around the physiology and pathology of the locomotor system. In this area, Prof. Schilling authored and coauthored >100 publications and patents and received numerous scientific awards. Since 2017 he serves as a member of the Ethics Commission of the University Medical Center Göttingen.

    Prof. Dr. med. Arndt Schilling

  • Carmen Modrok 291x366

    Fr. Carmen Modrok






  • Hr. Guillaume Durandau

    Dr. Guillaume Durandau

  • Hr. Ivan Vujaklija, PhD

    Dr. Ivan Vujaklija

  • Fr. Siljia Mucelli, PhD

    Dr. Siljia Mucelli

  • Hr. Massimo Sartori, PhD

    Dr. Massimo Sartori

  • Fr. Meike Schweisfurth, PhD

    Dr. Meike Schweisfurth