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Clinic for Trauma Surgery, Orthopaedics and
Plastic Surgery

Aids and appliances check-up

In our aids and appliances check-up consultation hour, we treat patients covered by the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV), by statutory health insurance, and by employer’s liability insurance association, who require an upper extremity aid or appliance. Our interdisciplinary team can provide you with optimum medical, orthopaedic-technical, and physical/occupational therapy advice.

For patients with fresh injuries to the upper extremity and the need for a medical aid/appliance, we will create an aid/appliance plan in preparation for the rehab phase of treatment. For patients affected by sequelae after suffering serious injuries to the upper extremity, we can review the aids/appliances and, if necessary, write a new prescription. Furthermore, our interdisciplinary treatment programme also includes the revision of existing supplies and optimisation of prescriptions.

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