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Foot surgery, Orthopaedic rheumatology

sRheumatic Orthopaedics

The way rheumatism is treated has changed significantly in the past few years. Prescribing effective medication to patients in the early stages of their disease can reduce the deterioration of their joints and tendons.

In some patients, however, inflammation of a tendon sheath or the synovial membrane will persist despite drug therapy. In these cases, we can perform a preventative synovectomy (mucous membrane removal) in the early stages of the disease in order to protect the tendons and joints and prevent their deterioration.

If the joint has already begun to deteriorate, we can restore joint function by carrying out a surgical procedure. The goal of this is to improve joint function and also to ensure the patient is pain free.

We always keep an eye on the overall picture of your illness/disease throughout your treatment. Should surgery be necessary, we will work together with our internal rheumatologists to treat you in our clinic. This allows us to monitor disease activity both before and after the procedure and to change your medication if necessary.

The choice of surgical procedure depends on the affected joint, the degree of deterioration, and the individual needs of the patient. We will decide on this together with you and your rheumatologist.

Our Surgical Spectrum

  • Joint-preserving procedures (synovectomies)
  • Joint reconstruction procedures (arthroplasties)
  • Joint fusion operations (arthrodeses)
  • Joint replacement operations (endoprostheses, TEP)
  • Soft tissue procedures (removal of tendon sheaths/synovial bursae/rheumatic nodules, tendon sutures)

We can perform joint replacement operations (endoprostheses, TEP) on any joint

  • Shoulder
  • Hip
  • Knee
  • Elbow
  • Ankle joint
  • Finger joint

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Foot surgery

Here at our clinic, we treat patients with all manner of injuries, diseases and deformities affecting the feet. Many of the complaints we see can be corrected, or at least improved, without the need for surgery. If an operation is necessary, however, the treatments we offer range from corrective interventions concerning the forefoot, to fusion operations of the tarsal bones and ankle joints, right through to artificial replacement of the upper ankle joint (UAJ-TEP). We also have a lot of experience in treating late complications caused by nerve paralyses in the foot region. We treat wound healing disorders and chronic foot wounds in cooperation with our clinic’s plastic surgeons.

We regularly operate

  • Forefoot deformities (e.g., hallux valgus, hallux arthrosis, claw toes and hammer toes)
  • Compression neuropathy (Morton's neuroma, tarsal tunnel syndrome)
  • Tarsus and metatarsus deformities (e.g., flatfoot, high arch, clubfoot)
  • Injuries caused by accidents
  • Achilles tendon disorders/injuries
  • Ankle cartilage injuries
  • Upper ankle joint replacement
  • Ankle ligament injuries/instabilities
  • Rheumatic foot diseases
  • Diabetic foot problems, Charcot foot (neuropathic arthropathy)

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