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Clinic for Trauma Surgery, Orthopaedics and
Plastic Surgery

Medical Expert Report Service

With the founding of our medical expert report service, we have consolidated and expanded our expertise in professional university expert evaluations. Under the leadership of senior doctor Dr B. Menger, supported by senior doctor Dr K.G. Ferlemann (deputy), we produce medical expert reports following accidents and for diseases in the areas of orthopaedics and trauma surgery, as well as related specialisms. We can provide assessments in all areas of the law. Requests for medical expert reports can be sent to our secretary’s office. The head of the practice will be happy to provide information by telephone in advance of any assignment. You can make an appointment for a medical consultation with us in the same way.

We have extensive experience, particularly in matters of statutory and private accident insurance, liability insurance, occupational disability insurance and social jurisdiction. We also produce private medical expert reports on behalf of the affected person, as well as for social courts (§109 German Social Courts Act, SGG) and ordinary courts. Appointments for preliminary medical assessments can be made through our consultation hours.

Naturally, our medical report centre is supported by our comprehensive clinical diagnostics and scientific research infrastructure. We are also able to contribute to studies: members of the medical expert reports team are also engaged in teaching and research activities.

We are open to scientific projects, doctoral research programs and collaborations in the field of medical evaluation, and we are always happy to answer any questions you may have about these areas.