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Clinic for Trauma Surgery, Orthopaedics and
Plastic Surgery

Paediatric traumatology

Injuries to growing children are their own branch of trauma surgery. Injuries to children are treated differently to injuries suffered by adults. This is because the bodies of children and adolescents are still growing and have different repair and compensation mechanisms.

In addition to providing competent medical treatment, it is important to us that the way we care for children is appropriate for them. With this in mind, we only treat children on an inpatient basis when and as long as it is absolutely necessary. If a hospital stay is required, then parents are of course able to accompany their children around the clock. Children can paint or do arts and crafts together in a playroom while being supervised by a child care specialist.

Accidents in nursery school or in school

Children who are injured while in nursery school or in school will be covered by the statutory accident insurance. In our clinic, children and adolescents are looked after by specially trained and certified trauma surgeons (accident insurance consultants). The Clinic for Trauma Surgery, Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery is simultaneously also a clinic of the BG Hospital Hamburg (BUKH).

Accident frequency

Our in-house studies on almost 1200 young patients revealed that the upper arm, forearm and hand were affected in 70 percent of the accidents we examined. As the image below shows, injuries to the spine, back and chest are rare.

After administering first aid in the emergency department or after providing necessary inpatient treatment, the children and adolescents will continue to be supervised in our consultation hour.

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Unfallhäufigkeiten bei Kindern