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Clinic for Trauma Surgery, Orthopaedics and
Plastic Surgery

Surgical Emergency Department

Our surgical emergency department is the central contact point for patients with acute orthopaedic conditions as well as injuries of all degrees of severity.

The department is equipped with six treatment cubicles, three treatment rooms for contaminated wounds, and two plaster rooms. There are also two large wound care units available for wound care of larger injuries. In addition, we have two trauma operating theatres permanently standing ready to treat severely injured persons at all times.

During the day shift, we have five doctors and two nurses on site to look after our patients. The emergency department has two assistant physicians, a specialist, and a senior doctor as well as two nurses permanently on duty during the night and on weekends.

In our trauma surgery emergency department, we care for patients with all different types of injuries, including: Sprains, dislocations, fractures, fresh wounds, animal bites, burns, inflammations, pulled/torn muscles and tendon injuries. This department also treats all disorders related to the orthopaedic spectrum, such as acute back and joint pain, as well as inflammation of the spine and joints or joint prostheses.

Day and night, the trauma surgeon in charge can, if necessary, call in a medical colleague of a different specialisation to consult with them.

Upon arrival by ambulance or emergency rescue helicopter, severely injured persons will be met by our so-called “trauma team”, which is made up of a trauma surgeon, an anaesthetist, and a neurosurgeon. This ensures that life-threatening injuries can be identified and treated as quickly as possible. This well-practised interdisciplinary team and the professional expertise of the medical, nursing and technical staff, in combination with the layout and technical equipment of the department, make this process a smooth one. Of course, doctors from other specialist disciplines can also be called in to help with these cases if required. After being treated in the emergency trauma room, receiving life-saving emergency surgery and having any proximal fractures stabilised, severely injured accident victims will then continue to be treated around the clock in the operative intensive care unit. A team stands ready to carry out any further emergency operations that may be necessary at all times. The Clinic for Trauma Surgery, Orthopaedics and Plastic Surgery is also SAV-approved (“Schwerstverletzungsartenverfahren”, or Severe Injury Type Procedure in English), meaning it is certified to treat even the most severe injuries. This means that we are able to treat work-related accidents of any severity.

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