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Nerve-muscle interaction

Nerv-muscle interaction


Group leader: Prof. Dr. med. Arndt Schilling, Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Lehmann, Dr. Kai Böker

Members: Carina Lehmann, Kathrin Hannke, Ramona Castro-Machguth



The aim of our research is to understand nerve-muscle-interactions so that we can purposefully promote regeneration processes. The loss of innervation in skeletal muscle is a defining incident following nerve injuries. A traumatic injury associated with severing of the axon leads to a denervation of the end organ. This may entail motor deficits with muscle atrophy, somatosensory disorders, or autonomic dysfunction. The mechanisms that regulate the muscle response to denervation are still largely unknown. Therefore, the aim is to understand which factors affect the nerve regeneration. Physiologically, the body releases a multitude of mediators in response to a traumatic stimulus, and these can be used to purposefully initiate regeneration processes.


Muskel Nerven mit Beschreibung