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Stem Cell Research

Stem Cell Research


Group leader: Prof. Dr. med. Arndt Schilling, Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Lehmann, Dr. Kai Böker

Members: Samuel Siegk, Joachim Wagner, Zhiming Zhao, Xhiaobin Shang, Michel Remling, Kathrin Hannke, Ramona Castro-Machguth


HMSCs are human pluripotent stem cells that may differentiate into various types of tissue, such as bone, cartilage, and fatty tissue. In the past few years, HMSCs have played a decisive role in the field of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering (TE) to cultivate artificial replacement tissue in the laboratory and later transfer it into the patient. They also offer numerous research possibilities in the field of basic research, such as the impact of various microenvironments and extracellular matrix components.


Our approach is to establish a system that enables the isolation and subsequent cultivation of human stem cells for further research. In this project, we concentrate on human bone marrow stem cells (hBM-MSCs) that have been extracted from femoral heads following hip surgery. This was done in cooperation with trauma surgeons and orthopaedists at the UMG. Subsequently, differentiation protocols may be improved and evaluations of different stem cell lines as well as treatments may be obtained.


Stammzellforschung mit Beschreibung